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This Cap Was Perfect

I got this great letter from a customer of mine who loved his Little Package cap. I got many letters like this over the years, and wanted to share this one to share the love! I love getting letters like this. Getting them now that I’m done making caps is a little sad, but that’s […]

Little Package Winter Plans

Hello. I’ve now been back from my long hike for about a month and am rested and getting back on track. Only, the track has switched a bit. I wanted to update everyone that there won’t be any Little Package caps coming from my studio, at least through this winter, and possibly permanently. I do […]

Digital Cycling Cap Patterns Now Available!

People have been requesting this product for years, and I’ve finally made it! My two cycling cap sewing patterns — with the best instructions, templates, and style/fit available — are now downloadable as PDFs. You can buy, print, and be cutting and sewing within minutes from now! Check them out: These patterns include the same […]

Little Package 2013

It’s ironic that just as my business, Little Package, stabilizes and matures gracefully, I want to step aside on sabbatical. I must be crazy, right? Don’t answer that. Though I’ve been making cycling caps almost 8 years, it is still a hobby business. I don’t advertise and I do not sell wholesale. I have no […]

Little Package Now Hosted By Canvas Dreams!

It took me such a long time to get around to doing this, but I finally got my website off Dreamhost (ugh). Not only was my site and service epically slow, but I was constantly beleaguered by hackers and other Internet scum loitering their servers. And I wasn’t really walking the talk. I’m now on […]

The Little Biz That Will

It's been a while... First off -- Happy New Year! I hope you are enjoying the fresh feeling of 2013 as much as I have been. So much has been going on. Here are my thoughts lately: As you may know, Little Package is a one-woman show. There have been times when I've had help […]

Bike Craft 2012

It’s getting busy in my studio but I had to take a minute aside to let everyone know Little Package will be at the Bike Craft fair this year. This will be the 5th or 6th time I’ve tabled at this wonderful, homegrown Portland event, and as always, I’m looking forward to it. It’s so […]