Lovingly handmade since 2005 in the USA.

Little Package makes gorgeous, heirloom-quality wool and cotton cycling caps, perfect on and off the bike. Unisex, all sizes, also custom work.



So, You Want to Walk How Far?

TL:DR Index Sprains Heat Hotspots Blisters Losing Toenails Fungus Morton’s Toe Tendonitis Plantar Fasciitis Shin Splints vs. Achilles Heel Stress Fractures For ANY Injury Shoes Ever since I walked the Pacific Crest Trail Mexico-to-Canada (2,668 miles) in 2013, I’ve felt my feet are a more valuable part of me. I am thankful for them, I […]

Chief Pete Comeback

When I got my water-cooled 1.9L Vanagon last fall, the prior owner (PO) said repeatedly, ominously, “These vans take a lot of work,” and “I don’t know how long this van will run, could be days, could be years.” As I drove it down to Mexico and back this Spring, I suffered so much anxiety […]

This Past Month, Plus Some

After a month and a half of nearly constant crazy adventure, I am holed up in a room, on a bed. While it’s a little weird to be inside near a refrigerator, toilet, and washing machine, and to sleep on a bed, every bone in my body is telling me to lie still and just […]