Bicycle Chainring Vectors

Vector Chainrings

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15 gorgeous vector illustrations of vintage bicycle chainrings for graphic design. They're as faithful to the originals as possible, and include different symmetries, some open patterns, and some skip tooth rings. Downloads as an .EPS file (1009KB).

Product Description

A lot of fun things could be done with this chain ring art, including logo, stamp, tattoo, decal, greeting card, and textile design. This is a vector illustration file and can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. It will download as a .EPS file (1009KB). You will need a vector editor to use this file (such as Illustrator, Corel, or Inkscape). The rings can be recolored, resized, chopped and turned into all sorts of “Franken-rings.”

Fun, plain and simple. Included are:

  1. H.P. Snyder “Texas Star,”¬†USA
  2. Magistroni Snow Flake, Italy
  3. Campagnolo, Italy 1960s
  4. Fonlupt, France 1930s
  5. Hawthorne, USA 1890s
  6. Hiawatha, USA 1940s
  7. Unknown, USA 1890s
  8. Umberto Dei, Italy 1930s
  9. Shelby, USA 1950s
  10. Solida Oak Leaves, France 1910s
  11. Empire, USA 1940s
  12. Colnago, Italy 1970s
  13. Swiss Army, Switzerland 1930s
  14. Williams, UK 1950s
  15. Huffman, USA 1950s

Preview of chainring vectors Chainrings with Color

Copyright Notes

Please do not try to take my work without paying. The preview images are small and/or watermarked, so they’re not worth trying to use or copy straight from this page. I am selling a gorgeous and well-organized vector file you will be very happy with, below the price of others found online. Your payment gives you license to use the vectors, attribution-free, for your personal or commercial purpose. Resale prohibited and sharing discouraged. The chainring designs are obviously not my own, but the work to reproduce them for you is. It was tricky work, especially since I did most of it with one hand while laid up with a broken collarbone in September 2012. Thank you for your understanding.