My Portraits of the Pacific Crest Trail

I was super excited to find this excellent photo gallery of PCT hiker photos over at Outside Online today (thanks Pacific Crest Trail Association for the link). How cool is it that an unwitting trail angel became a documenter of some of the 2014 personalities? I met a few of those hikers (Justin, Blanco, Far […]

So, You Want to Walk How Far?

Shit isn’t easy on the PCT, and I’m writing now to share things I learned about feet for those of you considering your first long hike. The PCT was my first long hike, and I had my fair share of feet trouble, but I made it. And I learned a lot. And I’m going to share it all with you here.

Chief Pete Comeback

When I got my water-cooled 1.9L Vanagon last fall, the prior owner (PO) said repeatedly, ominously, “These vans take a lot of work,” and “I don’t know how long this van will run, could be days, could be years.” As I drove it down to Mexico and back this Spring, I suffered so much anxiety […]

This Past Month, Plus Some

After a month and a half of nearly constant crazy adventure, I am holed up in a room, on a bed. While it’s a little weird to be inside near a refrigerator, toilet, and washing machine, and to sleep on a bed, every bone in my body is telling me to lie still and just […]

A Languid Late April

Hello from Whitewater, California! I’ve been camped here 90 miles east of Los Angeles for three weeks now, helping out at Ziggy and The Bears. Unfortunately the mood is a tad sour, but that’s just because it’s been 105º and we hosts are tired and a bit burned out. The hiker count is up to […]

Town Days in Muir’s Eyes

Once I was let down into a deep well into which choke-damp had settled, and nearly lost my life. The deeper I was immersed in the invisible poison, the less capable I became of willing measures of escape from it. And in just this condition are those who toil or dawdle or dissipate in crowded […]

Back on Track

Here I am at Mom’s in Julian, with my laptop open for the first time in three weeks (since my last blog post!). Wow! I might have just set a personal record for time away from the computer. It’s a little tough to update you because so much has happened but in short: I hiked […]